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The Southern Winds Brass Quintet is a group of five musicians from Windsor and Essex County who simply enjoy playing music together.  It all started in the fall of 2002 when our founder, Dave Gignac invited four others to join him in forming the group.  Our first performance was providing background music for a fund raiser for a local museum.  Since then, we have played at many different types of events, including Harrow Wine Tasting/hospitality nights, LaSalle Strawberry Festivals, Church services, weddings, Christmas concerts, St. Patrick's Day parties, nursing/retirement home entertainment evenings, and we've even played for the Windsor Spitfires.  We specialize in wedding ceremonial music and in live dinner music for any event.  The original members of Southern Winds were...(from left to right) Leah Harwood, Peter Youngson, Dave Gignac, Linda Savenye, and Matt Caron.  Leah and Matt both have left the group to pursue post secondary degrees at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Windsor respectively.  They were valued members of the group and we wish them all the best in their new adventures.  Thankfully we were able to find Jeff and Matt to take over their positions.  When Matt left the group to seek his fortune in Alberta (he calls it OILberta) trumpeter Kevin Masterson joined the group.  Thanks to Matt for his commitment to Southern Winds  during his tenure.  We wish you all the best.  In 2008, the SWBQ family was pleased to welcome Danielle Bouchard on french horn, and Ray Carruthers on trombone.  Danielle stepped into Linda's spot when she left for personal reasons and Ray took over for Peter who has an incredible workload with his insurance company and is unable to continue on a full time basis.  Many thanks to Linda and Peter for their years of commitment to the group.
The spring of 2009 brought another dimension to our sound when our good friend John Green began joining us from time to time on the drum set.  John gives some "kick" to our sound when it's needed and a tasty jazz beat which really adds to the overall sound of our performances.  His presence gives our festival audiences that something extra that really gets the toes tapping.
The newest member of the Southern Winds Brass Quintet is Mr. Curtis Perrin.  Curtis has taken over the trombone chair for Ray Carruthers.  Ray is leaving us to pursue his music studies in Montreal, Quebec.
To Ray's credit, he auditioned and was accepted to McGill University as a trombone performance major where we are sure he will be well received.  He begins his studies in Montreal in the fall of 2009.  He will be missed.
Southern Winds original members
Southern Winds Brass Quintet - Fall of 2005

SWBQ - 2008

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