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Jeff Renaud – Member Profile


Completely comfortable hamming it up in front of an audience, Jeff was a welcome addition to the quintet when he joined in 2003.  Adding a new dynamic of showmanship, he brings many ideas and talents to the group. 

Jeff grew up in LaSalle, pursued a music degree at the University of Western Ontario, lived in London and then Chatham then moved back to LaSalle where he now resides with his wife, Patti, and his two sons, Bradley and Nicholas.  Jeff is a Shipper at Costco Wholesale and hopes that as his family matures he will be able to complete the two remaining courses needed for his B.Mus.A.

At the age of six, Jeff played the orchestral bells at school, and at age nine started singing solos at Christmas.  He picked up the trumpet at age eleven and put everything else on hold.  In high school he was sparked by his music teacher who led him to learn piano through musical theories as well as guitar.  He concentrated on vocals and at sixteen landed a spot in the pit orchestra on trumpet in his first commercial production of Man of La Mancha.  At eighteen Jeff played the lead role of Conrad in Bye Bye Birdie.  Shortly thereafter, he left home to pursue his music degree.  Today Jeff plays just about every woodwind, brass, percussion and string instrument you can think of, and don’t forget about those vocals!  He says the only things he’d like to add to his arsenal are stand-up bass and harp.

Listing his favourites:

Classical:   If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it.
Jazz:  Swing and Bebop all the way.  Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Monk.
Pop:  Elvis, Michael, the king and prince…and everything else…kudos to Chicago and Blood  Sweat and Tears for the horns…and of course the lone horn in Cake music.

Jeff’s musical resumé includes:

1985-1987  -Trumpet and keys for the Jigsaw Affair (eventually evolved into The Tea Party)

1996-1998 -Lead Trumpet in JB and the Compass Swingers.  This is where he met other great local musicians including Tim Beneteau, Jeff and Margo Cole, Ethan Barbour (best stand up bass player in the area) and Ric Moor.

2003 - Joined Southern Winds as the First Trumpet player, where he has evolved into the Guitarist, Piano Player, Vocalist and Bus Driver

When asked about memorable musical experiences or incidents, Jeff responded “There are far too many campfires in Muskoka that included the guitar and copious amounts of Sambuca.”

 “You may think you can B sharp or flat…but just B natural.” is one of his favourite quotes. (You knew it’d be corny) and as far as hobbies and interests go he replied “Fast cars. Fast Women” then wonders if he’s being too cliché.

Jeff’s last words here are:

“Don’t believe everything you read about me on the net…unless it makes me look really, really good.”

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Jeff Renaud