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The father of four children, one girl and three boys, Dave is the founder of the Southern Winds Brass Quintet, the group he formed in 2002. Presently working for Ford Motor Company in the skilled trades department, Dave is a machine repairman - a mould maker by trade. He has also worked for Crest Mould Technology and Active Mould and Design. He was born and raised in LaSalle, and earned a B.A. in Communication Studies, before becoming a licensed tradesman.

Dave began music in 7th grade at Sacred Heart School in LaSalle, simply as an excuse to get out of school one afternoon a week, yet ended up enjoying and being good at it! Who knew?  Not only can he play tuba, but he also plays trombone, euphonium, some clarinet and alto saxophone.  Dave continued music in high school at Ecole Secondaire L’Essor and St. Anne’s High.  At that time, he was involved in youth bands, first in Windsor Optimist Youth Marching  Band  for one year, then in Windsor’s famous Scarlet Brigade (a.k.a. The Beast from the East.)  With that group, he flew to Calgary and played in the Calgary Stampede parade, and at the Calgary Saddledome. Recalling that as a highlight, Dave has many fond memories of his time in youth band.  While at the University of Windsor, he played with the University Wind Ensemble and the Windsor Community Orchestra under the direction of James Tambourini.

When he’s not working or playing with his children or playing tuba Dave is an accomplished ice hockey goalie, playing in at least two leagues at any given time. You can call him Road Hockey, his latest nickname, (among others). His musical taste spans a few decades, including Led Zeppelin, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Counting Crows, Eminem, Ludacris, Bare Naked Ladies, Canadian Brass, Three Doors Down, Destiny’s Child, Usher, etc…   Dave is always open-minded about musical styles and genres (except for country music or opera).

When in his thirties, Dave rediscovered his love of music performance when he joined a community band and then by forming the Quintet.  He plays with the Greater Windsor Concert Band, in which he’s serving his second term as Vice-President, and can be seen playing tuba with the Silver Ambassadors and the Windsor Military Band  when called upon to help out.  Much of his time and energy goes into the Southern Winds Brass Quintet, finding music, booking performances and maintaining the website.

Dave’s favourite quote:  “It’s better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” - Mark Twain.

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Dave Gignac